New book: "White"

I desember bestilte jeg boken "White" skrevet av Kenya Hara.
Nå har jeg endelig fått den. Jeg har såvidt rukket å se igjennom den,
men den virker fin og jeg ser virkelig frem til å lese den.

This December I ordered the book "White" written by Kenya Hara.
Now it's finally in my hands. I've barely had the time to check it out,
but it looks nice and I'm really looking forward to read it.

“White” is not a book about colors.
It is rather Kenya Haras attempt to explore the essence of “White”,
which he sees as being closely related to the origin of Japanese aesthetics
– symbolizing simplicity and subtlety.
The central concepts discussed by Kenya Hara in this publication are
emptiness and the absolute void.
Kenya Hara also sees his work as a designer as a form of communication.
Good communication has the distinction of being able to listen to each other,
rather than to press one’s opinion onto the opponent.
Kenya Hara compares this form of communication with an “empty container”.
In visual communication, there are equally signals whose signification is limited,
as well as signals or symbols such as the cross or the red circle on the Japanese flag,
which – like an “empty container” – permit every signification and do not limit imagination.
Not alone the fact that the Japanese character for white forms a radical of the character for emptiness
has prompted him the closely associate the color white with emptiness.

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